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FireBuddy Enables YOUR Brigade to Connect With YOUR Community

Connected Communities: FireBuddy is run independently by firefighters empowering us to better connect with the communities we serve. 

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John Tomlinson, Paul Tranter (FireBuddy) Richard Martin Mapua Brigade

Hi, my name is Paul Tranter, a firefighter at the Mapua Brigade, near Nelson. I am also in the privileged position of running my own Web publishing company gauk Media Ltd. and for some fifteen years we’ve built and run commercial websites so we know a thing or two about large scale projects.


I was recently tasked with a simple brief by the Chief: Build a website that would engage the community and allow us to get our messages out there. Up to that point we’d had a basic website but as with these things it took time and effort to update it, and as we didn’t, no one read it!

I went away and after a period of R&D realised that there were no dedicated, effective platforms which embedded local brigades into the communities they serve.

With the launch of our new platform FireBuddy, we’ve finally achieved our goal. Our state-of-the-art system enables us to connect directly with our village … And FireBuddy is now available to ALL brigades nationally.

1450059296_Icon_Element_Fire_02National Engagement: The guys at Firebuddy.co.nz are adding articles and items of interest regularly to keep the whole site engaging.

1450059296_Icon_Element_Fire_02Local Engagement: Each brigade has their own section eg yourbrigade.firebuddy.co.nz – ours is live at http://mapua.firebuddy.co.nz. Each brigade can add articles relevant to just their area and it’ll only appear on those pages.  Our brigade will publish call outs etc and the current recruitment drive, or promote smoke alarm installation initiatives.

1450059296_Icon_Element_Fire_02Direct Communication: Each brigade also has their own group within the email system so they can mail directly to only those in their community.

1450059296_Icon_Element_Fire_02Awareness: Furthermore, we develop relationships with local press who are generally willing to support  brigades’ sites with a monthly space. I have a regular monthly slot in local and regional publications and am developing national slots so will help grow FireBuddy awareness across the country.

Firebuddy is designed to to make information available in an engaging, sometimes fun and never patronising environment and is backed by powerful, state-of-the-art software.


When a user signs up to the monthly newsletter they are able to choose their area building a valuable contact point and with social media pages the interaction grows. If you have something to say to the community you simply send an email from the centralised system.  To ensure the community remains engaged Firebuddy will post and send articles of interest so there’s no pressure to add to your page. It grows with input from across the country.

There’s an events calendar and more tools are planned for roll out.

There are alerts reminding homeowners to check smoke alarms and to clean gutters of autumn leaves. Alerts for when it’s safe to burn and when fires are banned. Then there’s critical updates on household issues or appliance recalls etc.

Your Brigade Site

Fire-Buddy-Logo-badgeWhy run a FireBuddy site?

There is so much we need to say … and hear!

  • We need to recruit more firefighters … how do we do that?
  • We need to install more smoke alarms … how do we tell the community they are available?
  • A team of firefighters are running to the top of the Sky Tower to raise money for charity … How do they get more sponsors?
  • A local household has a garage full of propane gas cylinders … How would we know that as we’re entering?
  • How do we educate homeowners as to the right fittings we need on their rural water tanks ensuring we put a fire out before the home is razed?
  • Danger! Phone & device charging (Pictured a teenager’s pillow) … How do we get this message out?

Many questions … few answers! screenshot_1746

Now, with FireBuddy, if a brigade has something important to shout out, they simply send an email from our centralised system.

Our new voice is loud and direct and the communities are just that bit safer.

So let’s connect!

Set up your site by adding the details in the form below.  We’ll set you up, send passwords and instructions.  it’s all super-simple.